My love of dogs, and my fascination with them, are my motivation.

CANINE ACADEMY: Professional. Need-oriented. Well-founded. Personalised.

Are you looking for professional help or support that is based on the latest scientific findings and the methods of behavioural research, behavioural changes and training economy?

  • In the education and further education of your dog
  • In your dog’s training
  • In the treatment of behavioural problems or real behavioural disorders
  • For other issues relating to dogs

Are you looking for a dog trainer with a well-founded cynological background, governed by an ongoing and structured training process?

Are you looking for professional, pressure-free training methods instead of confrontation, suppression and force?

Do you love your dog?

Welcome at the CANINE ACADEMY.

Your needs are close to our hearts, whether your dog is a family pet, a professional service dog, a companion dog or a hunting dog, We will work with you in a goal-oriented way to find solutions for your individual requirements.

Get to know us and our concrete range of training services on the following pages and send us an enquiry if you have any questions!